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Float or Walking in Parade Entry Form

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Rules and Regulations

Note: While it is not the wish of the Santa Claus Parade Committee to place many restrictions on
parade participants, the following are established as the minimum rules and regulations and we
require your cooperation in observing them. All parade entries are subject to approval by the
Santa Claus Parade Committee for being accepted as such. Parade participants are
responsible for their own safety and the parade committee will not be held responsible for any

1.All participants must use a Christmas theme in their decorations, music, float design and/or
2.Entries must be entertaining to a family audience, especially for children.
3.Parade participants shall not consume alcohol and will refrain from smoking during their
parade participation.
4.Nothing is to be thrown from ANY ENTRY into the crowd in order to ensure proper crowd
control, especially in regard to youngsters as this may cause injury. If you intend to hand out
candy please carry your supply with you. Restocking from a moving vehicle not only poses a
danger to participants but causes delays in the parade.
5. Advertising will be restricted to entry/float displays. No entry will hand out literature,
pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, flyers or any other written or printed materials to parade
6.Entrants will be responsible for the safety of participants.
7.Recognized community groups other than bands, involving children under the age of 12 years,
must have adult supervision (one adult for every four children). Individual walkers under the age
of 12 years are not permitted, unless accompanied by an adult for the entire parade route, due
to safety and weather conditions.
8.If your entry includes animals it will be your responsibility that any animal waste/droppings are
immediately cleaned up from the parade route and the surrounding area. 9. Each entry must identify a Captain who is responsible for reporting to a parade representative.

RE: BANDS – MUSIC SHOULD BE APPROPRIATE TO THE CHRISTMAS SEASON For purposes of these rules and regulations, the following definitions apply:
HEIGHT RESTRICTION: Total height of your float and attractions not to exceed 13.5′
FLOAT: full sized farm wagons or low flat bed trailers. Trailer and tow vehicle not to exceed 45′
FILLER: snowmobile-sized trailers, organized group of walkers, motorized vehicles
BANDS: organized marching. ANIMALS: individual or group

Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade Declaration

Safety is our first Concern

I/We the undersigned agree to follow the rules and regulations of the Santa Claus Parade Committee.

In the event the committee, or someone designated by the committee, requests that they be allowed to cover up a firm name, logo, association name, etc, they may do so. I (we) the undersigned shall indemnify and save harmless the Corporation of the Municipality of Clarington, the committee for the Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade, and their volunteers from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, loss, costs or damage that the Municipality and/or the committee may suffer, incur or be liable for, resulting from the participation of the undersigned in the parade, save and except damages, claims, demands, actions or causes of actions arising out of or as result of the actions of the parade committee, their volunteers or the Municipality of Clarington. I (we) hereby attest that all vehicles being operated by the entrant are licensed by the Province of Ontario, carry motor vehicle insurance and will be operated by an appropriately licensed driver.